gPod by dataaire


Industrial HVAC unit for indoor cannabis growers with comprehensive control for temperature, dehumidification and CO2

gPod by Data Aire was specifically designed and engineered for the indoor cannabis and agriculture industry to address the unique needs of grow room cultivation. This comprehensive solution has factory mounted and wired controls installed to assure that all functions operate in harmony. Standard, factory-set programming can be modified by the cultivator to meet desired results. And it can all be done from your mobile device. gPod gives a cultivator total control.

  1. Temperature is controlled within a couple of degrees,
  2. Relative humidity is controlled within 3 to 5%,
  3. CO2 level is controlled within a few parts per million, and
  4. There are different set-points for all of that with lights on and lights off.

The gPod combines four key functions into one HVAC unit.

Cooling & Heating


CO2 Distribution

Internet Monitoring & Control for Set-Points

gPod is proven technology developed with the input of top grow room engineers and cannabis growers. With the gPod, you can cultivate more of both types of green.

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