Gold Crown Seeds

gold crown seeds

Gold Crown Seeds was created by Joe Pietri, author of The King of Nepal (Life Before the Drug Wars) and The 15-Ounce Pound (Big Pharma’s Plan to Patent Pot). Joe has been involved with cannabis since 1963. His first breeding project was in 1970 when he crossed Acapulco Gold with a Laotian strain in Nepal in order to withstand the monsoon rainy season. Missing the old school flavors, tastes, and aromas, Joe is committed to bringing that gene pool back into today’s cannabis. He works with pre-1972 genetics and landraces to create true F1 (1st generation ) hybrids. He has collected original landrace medical strains from around the globe. African, South American, and Indian crosses have the widest cannabinoid profiles you can find. Joe has also changed the way many around the world grow with his 12-1 lighting paradigm in order to aid all growers’ understanding of photoperiodism. His article in Skunk magazine, ‘Less Light, More Weight’, is now a collector’s piece. Come talk genetics with Joe, who is guaranteed to be the oldest dealer in the house. His Red Congolese which has been tested at 26%+ THC, is sold by Willie’s Reserve and grown by Green Bluff farms. Red Congolese/Nigerian Hash Plant OG tests at 29%+ THC. Durban OG a.k.a. Thin Mints – 22%+ THC. Malawi Gold -19% THC and 2% THCV.