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Formerly Great Lakes Woodworking, GLW was founded in 1984 when two carpenters in Detroit decided to forgo their separate jobs and build something better together. Combining their skill sets, Mike Mancinelli and Paul LaCroix refined their craftsmanship and inspired each other to grow each day.
Together, with the help of eventual owner, Tony Gatliff, business began to expand.
“I was always striving for the next level, always pushing things, wanting to get better, never settling for where we were at” says Mike.
Starting business out of a garage, the partners strove to create a company based on enduring relationships. More than exceptional woodwork, Mike and Paul pledged to build a business committed to its people. An environment where you treat people the way you want to be treated.
As the business grew, the partners invested in talent and equipment. Creating innovative tools and custom processes for each job became a key advantage to craftsmanship. Paul reflects, “Engineering is what was going to set us apart, it needed to be a leading role in the company.” Tony adds “A hallmark of GLW is product quality, with a high bar for expectations and owners that deeply care about their work”.
With commitment to craftsmanship and relationships, we have grown but remain humble. We are proud of maintaining production in Detroit and working with prestigious retailers across the nation. 
“After starting in a garage, GLW in Detroit now designs and builds retail environments around the world.” — DBusiness, Detroit’s premier business journal, feature here

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