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Global Garden Company

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At Global Garden, we know that quality inputs are the foundation for quality crops. You care about your garden, and so do we. We know that you want only the best for your plants. That’s what we want too. That’s why we are so particular about the products we choose to support. Every single item we carry has been thoroughly evaluated to ensure it meets the Global Garden Standard. We will always offer our customers best-in-value, proven performing solutions for their gardens.

Through years of collective experience in the indoor growing community we have the privilege to offer you elite breakthrough technologies in nutrients, grow lights, and hydroponic indoor grow equipment. Here at Global Garden, we care about your growth. Whether it’s plants, business, or knowledge, we have the tools to help you along the way.

Global Garden is the exclusive North American Distributor for DimLux Lighting, Green House Feeding Nutrients, Grower’s Ally Pest & Disease Control, RediRoot Pots, Bionova Nutrients, and Organitek Amplify Microbes.

Our Mission
We are driven to support the cultivation entrepreneur who honors the plant by seeking quality, purity and maximizing plant performance. We are committed to the grower’s journey in perfecting their craft. We are on a global quest to source, develop and deliver high value products and optimal solutions. Because the products we sell feed the plants we consume, providing the highest quality inputs means everything to us.

Our Vision
To touch every garden by supplying growers worldwide with superior products, services, and education rooted in unparalleled efficiency, performance, and validation. We strive to be the premier source for impassioned growers; to be viewed as their partner, as we fully support their mission to create and enjoy healthy, abundant gardens.

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