gGRO Horticulture


gGRO Horticulture is a US Company manufacturing and selling its Patented and Proprietary lighting technology in the horticultural space. gGRO is the only HID lighting technology that is approved for large grows under California’s Title 24 part 6 building efficiency standards. Operating at a frequency of 130,000hz, with its lamp that was specifically designed for cannabis, makes gGRO the closest thing to natural sunlight available on the market. The lamps have a very full and broad spectrum with significantly more energy outside of the 400-700 nm wavelengths. This means more UVA/UVB and IR. in fact, 102% more far reds than HPS. From an efficiency standpoint, it is 97%-98% efficient with electricity. It is also the only HID equipment that is SOLAR READY and can operate on AC or DC power. gGRO’s operating temperature range is from -30 degrees Celsius to +90 degrees Celsius. The equipment comes with a 3 year warranty on the fixture and a one year warranty on the lamps. For well qualified commercial growers, gGRO Finance provides financing. A subscription model that is a monthly per fixture fee with full coverage of fixtures and equipment is also available for well qualified commercial clients.