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As the legal cannabis industry goes from strength to strength worldwide, the emphasis on sound quality management increases more and more. Chemical analysis is the main means to address cannabis quality.

While many of the testing requirements of cannabis will need to be fulfilled by laboratories (e.g., residual solvents, heavy metals, pesticides), there is an unmet need for in-house testing. Forward-thinking businesses seek reliable, easy-to-use and affordable testing solutions to refine their products, increase quality control, and create an extra line of regulatory compliance.

GemmaCert was founded in 2015 by Prof. Oded Shoseyov, Dr. Guy Setton and Dr. Dana Yarden, in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, to answer precisely this urgent need. Today, GemmaCert is backed by a multi-disciplinary talented team of industry and scientific veterans. Our patented, ground-breaking solution delivers reliable real-time, eco-friendly verification of cannabis flower potency with no need for special skills, improving consumer safety and satisfaction across the board.

From the very start, GemmaCert aimed to deliver a smart solution for testing cannabis potency, which was simple and sleek, for everyday use requiring no specific skillset for operation, and whose form gave little indication to the sophistication of the technology working underneath. GemmaCert is a bridge between technology and nature, making accessible the most esoteric realms of science to the cannabis value chain stakeholder.

GemmaCert empowers cannabis industry players by offering in-the-moment information that a third-party laboratory cannot. GemmaCert testing will become the recognized standard for business-to-business cannabis transactions.

Ultimately, GemmaCert improves consumer safety and satisfaction while advancing the legitimacy of legal cannabis.

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