EYE HORTILUX | cbd products

EYE HORTILUX designs and manufactures premium horticulture lighting products ranging from LED, HID and Fluorescent grow lamps and fixtures to electronic ballasts, LED drivers and lighting controls.

Our horticulture lighting products (a majority of which are manufactured in Mentor, Ohio, USA) are used in a wide array of indoor plant growing methods. From starting seeds, to cloning, through fruit and flower production and maintaining mother plants, EYE HORTILUX products provide the highest quality, most reliable and cost efficient solution to maximize plant growth and ROI.

You can find EYE HORTILUX products being used in the following applications:

– Home hobbyist
– Commercial grower
– Greenhouses
– Agricultural universities
– Educational programs in local school districts
– Plant physiological research
– Biotechnology
– Pharmacology
– Plant factories