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Extract Consultants was established by an essential oil, aroma chemical and sensory expert, with a true passion for the flavors, aromas and effect of flowered products and concentrates. This person brings with him a team of internationally renowned chemists and formulators, combined with facilities that house the most advanced processing equipment in the essential oil and flavor industries in order to provide efficacious, high-quality and standardized products.

our mission

At Extract Consultants, we don’t just sell flavors and terpenes. Through the utilization of terpene technology, we help improve the effectiveness of flowered products and help patients and businesses create synergistic concentrated products with unique flavor and terpene blends. By adding terpenes to the final product (flower, concentrates, tinctures and more), we can help recreate a similar terpene profile that harnesses the original plant’s essence.

the issues we address

All of our products are specifically designed to work with flowered products, hemp and CBD in very minimal amounts, allowing you to maintain your products quality standards, while adding substantial value through taste and effect. All of our products are Food Grade, GRAS and FEMA approved, and non-GMO.

We can provide you with virtually any terpene, terpene blend, flavor and essential oil blend to be used in any product line you have: waxes, vaporizer cartridges, candies, edibles, beverages, tinctures and more.

We also offer replication, custom flavor and terpene blending, formulaic development, regulatory assistance and more. For more information on how we can help, please feel free to contact us.

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