Elf Extraction


Fully Automated
• Can operate entire batch cycle with minimal operator interface required
• Can accurately duplicate pre-programmed and proven recipes every time
• Up to 20lbs in a single 2½ hour batch with higher and more consistent yields than manually operated systems
• Detailed printed reports confirming precise batch run
• The entire system is certified and meets Class 1, Div 2. Requirements
• All solid state controls
• ASME certified system operation up to 140PSI
• 3rd party peer reviewed for safety by PSI

Remote Monitoring
• Managers can monitor the process “live” on remote devices such as iPad, iPhone, and computers via the internet
• Other departments such as accounting can use simultaneously
• Software updates are automatically downloaded with customer approval and on-site availability
Automated Heating and Cooling System
• Super-fast recovery time per pound of all botanical products.
• Fast, efficient production
• Up to -25 C Chiller included
Complete Business Solution Reports
• Run reports easily integrated to local and state reporting software
• Batch tracking and complete custody trail
• Tax and compliance information
• Internal diagnostic reports on each batch run

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