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Dominion Organics

dominion organics

Our mission at Dominion Organics is to succeed by delivering the best educational and physical products available, in order to grow the best plants possible.

The creator of Dominion Organics – Blair McHenry taught greenhouse horticulture for 18 years. Blair also ran an agricultural research laboratory for 7 years and has worked as a general horticultural consultant for 30+ years.

Dominion Organics owns and operate a 10,000 square foot Commercial Certified Organic Greenhouse operation in Washington State. Certified organic cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes are grown and marketed locally. His passion for small organic farms has encouraged others to follow in his footsteps. He has had the opportunity to help many other organic farmers in Whatcom County bring their farming dreams to fruition.

The commercial greenhouse operation is where Dominion Organics’ products are put to real life tests. Most of the organic greenhouse growers we work with are smaller, low tech, family run operations and therefore replicating their growing conditions helps us to provide better products to serve the agricultural community and to be better consultants

The organic growers require a very different approach to plant and soil cultural practices and as a result require very different kinds of fertility inputs to assist nature in growing strong, healthy, disease resistant, nutritionally dense crops. Dominion Organics products have a high standard and a rewarding reputation provides and assist the growers to work with natures biology.

Dominion Organics has developed a line of organic fertilizers, soil amendments and beneficial soil inoculants based on many years of laboratory research, field trials and work with commercial growers. These are products that get real results in the real world and are available to the home gardener, market gardeners and large commercial growers. We are committed to developing a range of products that will assist organic growers in their quest to grow better tasting, more nutritious, higher yielding crops.

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