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Delta9 Systems

delta9 | hemp convention

Delta-9 Technologies is the first organization to offer industrial scale, computer automated, hydrocarbon extraction equipment for legal commercial use. We help cannabis and hemp businesses stay ahead of the competitive market conditions by providing proprietary LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gases, ex. Butane BHO, Propane PHO) extraction machines. We have assembled a team of experienced electrical, mechanical, chemical engineers to design and build high throughput extraction systems. Our primary focus as extraction operators ourselves is to be able to build equipment that we want to use and integrate time saving, well designed machinery that makes it easier on the operators.

Delta-9 Technologies slogan is Science, Engineering and Extraction which is really where we keep our focus. Each system is designed with safety, quality, scalability and compliance in mind. Historically Delta-9 Technologies originally started in the California Cannabis industry in 2011, developing efficient methods for testing biomass and botanical extraction and refinement. Joshua Hartsel, Ph.D. Delta-9’s CEO, has helped design and build high output manufacturing facilities across the United States and Canada.

Each component of Delta-9 Technologies equipment is built with efficiency and throughput in mind.  Using our proprietary LPG extraction system ensures our customers manufacturing operation is optimized for oil production.

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