In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a lot of noise about Big Data and its power. As experienced business operators, we know Big Data is only powerful if you can use it. Your ability to leverage this data is limited by access, time, and resources.

That’s where DataOwl shines.

DataOwl unlocks all the data in your dispensary POS system and integrates it into our easy to use tools that improve operational effectiveness, increase revenues, and save valuable time.

Our vision for technology enables it. See, we don’t view ourselves as coders. Rather, we’re decoders of human behavior. We access the interests and desires of your customers from the data hidden in your POS system and translate it into simple click to accomplish tasks like targeting only your high frequency concentrate buyers with a unique offer. Similarly, we know human error is inevitable, so our tools can write into your POS system eliminating an obvious place where mistakes happen, entering online orders into your POS system. And while the magic behind the scenes is complicated, we spend our time making it easy for you to improve your dispensary operations.

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