Cultilux continuously focuses on improving technology in order to increase growth and profits for our customers. Our team was founded by a group of professionals with over a decade of knowledge in the lighting industry. Do to its incredible capabilities, Cultilux has chosen to concentrate its efforts on improving the Ceramic Metal Halide technology. Light Emitting Ceramics (LEC’s) have delivered some of the most impressive results to date in the industry. The CMH lamps are capable of producing greater yields and quality when compared to other sources of light.
In the past, the only down falls of the technology were price, life span, stability, availability, and energy consumption. Cultilux is proud to have conquered all of these barriers in order to exceed MH, HPS, LED, CFL, and Plasma lighting technology for the horticultural industry.


When considering purchasing light fixtures for your grow, price is usually a large variable to consider. Our CMH lamps provide the most competitive solution and price when compared to its rivals. While Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) still lack the performance and price to be competitive, CMH technology provides a superior solution.


Cultilux has put much research into the stability, lifespan, and performance of CMH lamps. We have discovered the causes of the underlying issues that the technology currently faces. CMH lamps cannot handle adjustments of wattage and frequency in existing HID fixtures. Forcing these lamps to produce more or less light than they are rated for will affect the performance and lifespan of the lamp. This happens because CMH lamps can only operate at their full potential in a specific range of frequency.


Cultilux has chosen to offer a 2-lamp fixture containing 2-315w CMH lamps vs. the 630w DE CMH. Some might ask why? The 630w DE CMH will only perform to its full potential in fixtures that are designed for the lamp. If one were to put a 630w DE CMH lamp into an existing 1000w HID fixture, you will gradually damage the lamp and ballast. One may not notice the damage for 6 months to a year, but when it is finally noticeable, it may be too late to save your lamp or ballast. The 630w DE CMH only produces its true specified performance when used in conjunction with its compatible ballast. The performance will deviate slightly when used in existing HID fixtures. If one were to tune down the output of the lamp, the frequency would rise past the bulbs capacity. Therefore, Cultilux has decided to not offer this product until it has been perfected.

The 315w CMH lamps have proven to last and perform as specified for decades. This is one of the many reasons Cultilux offers a 2-lamp solution for growers in search of a 630w solution. Across the industry, our customers have provided feedback that a 630w CMH solution is perfect for replacing 1000w HPS fixtures to gain equivalent results while cutting back on energy usage. This factor leaves the 630W CMH as an important product in the industry. The 2-lamp 630w CMH fixture offers a variety of benefits.

· Having 2 lamps per fixture provides security. In the event that a lamp was to go out while you are away, your plant is still receiving some amount of light vs. none at all.
· Many growers chose to use these fixtures so that they can run one lamp for vegetation, and then screw in the second lamp for flowering.
· Having 2 lamps also means the ability to have two CCT to broaden your spectrum. Many growers chose to use 1-3000K, and 1-4000K lamp together to add to the spectrum and overall end result.


The make-up of a CMH lamp requires a variety of components. The key component to a CMH lamp is the arc tube, and how secure that arc tube is inside of the

lamp. The connections linking the arc tubes together are the components most susceptible to failure. Therefore, the less connections made within the bulb, the smaller the chances are of the technology experiencing failure.

In conclusion, the 945w DE CMH lamp is considered the least stable among its kind. Cultilux has made the decision to only manufacture a true 1000w CMH lamp to ensure stability, long life span, and maximum performance.

Benefits to our 1000w DE CMH Lamps!
· Higher efficiency (122lm/w Capabilities)
· More stable operation
· Longer Lifespan
· Superior PAR Value
· Reduction of heat
· Wider Lighting dispersion (Beam Spread)
· Incredible color rendering index (CRI: 98)
· Amazing PPFD


Cultilux Horticultural lighting does not ratify or tolerate the use of its products in illegal or unwarranted activities. All products purchased from our company are to be used in legal horticultural or gardening facilities. Cultilux will not be held accountable for unlawful federal or state activity arising out of the post-sale of our products. By purchasing our products, you (the customer) are agreeing to only use these products in legal activities. The purchaser is solely responsible for acting in conformance with all applicable regulations.


Cultilux lamps are designed with double capsulated protection. The double-layered internal glass chamber increases stability, safety, and performance. The 315w CMH lamp is most prominent for this feature. We also offer a durable glass sleeve that is designed to provide these same benefits for our 1000w DE CMH lamps.


Ultraviolent light (UV) is a form of electromagnetic radiation that is produced by natural sunlight. UV is produced in three different sections of wavelengths: UVA, UVB, and UVC. Our Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) technology is a leader in artificially producing these UV rays for proper indoor plant growth.

These rays of UV are key components to both indoor and outdoor plant growth. UV allows plants to naturally develop defense mechanisms to fight off rays of light that are harmful to plant growth. The production of UV allows plants to build up to 15 different plant-protecting proteins. These proteins enhance the plants pigment, scent, flavor, and resistance to disease.

Ultraviolent Light is essential in the early stages of indoor plant growth. These rays of UV will strengthen the plants ability to accept greater intensities of light when switching from vegetation to flowering. Without UV production, this transition can potentially cause seedlings to go into shock or slow the growth of the plant.

Although these levels are essential to plant growth, ultraviolent light can be harmful to humans if not managed properly. Overexposure of UV can cause skin redness, burns, and irritation to the eyes. We highly recommend using eye and skin protecting gear while maintaining your garden.

is a leading supplier in the industry dedicated to providing professional grade lamps and fixtures. Founded in New Orleans Louisiana, Cultilux is proud to be a top tier manufacture of LEC “Light Emitting Ceramic” lamps in the United States. Our company thrives on developing innovative products to support our customers in maximizing growth and profits. Cultilux is proud to be the first manufacturer in the industry to produce a 1000w double-ended Ceramic Metal Halide. Our high efficiency LEC’s are prominent for their unique wattage, CRI, PAR Value, Lumen output, and overall lighting performance.

Our company is owned and operated by a team of passionate individuals backed with many years of experience in the lighting industry. Under the foundation of efficiency and inventiveness, the founders began their research and development with LED lighting technology. However, with the recent improvements to the CMH technology, Cultilux decided to focus efforts into perfecting this technology to help our customers increase quality and profits

Cultilux focuses on providing plants with the exact lighting that they require to flourish. In addition, our company thrives to avoid providing any lighting that is not wanted by the plant. Plants require a variety of specific needs to grow to their full potential. We have managed to design a lighting source that will deliver exactly what the plants need, while eliminates lighting that the plant does not need.

The fixtures are designed to provide our customers with an easy and inexpensive option to upgrade. The Spectra X Series DE CMH Lamps can be interchangeable with the DE Spectra Series fixture, and most DE HPS and CMH fixtures. This feature allows our customers to grow as we grow. Many growers start out as a small-scale operation with the intentions to expand. Our unique features allow our customers to keep their initial fixture investment and upgrade to higher wattage options without having to change the fixture or ballast.

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