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Contempo Specialty Packaging

Contempo Specialty Packaging | northwest cannacon

Contempo Specialty Packaging is creating a new standard of excellence for packaging in the cannabis industry. Our history before cannabis was 40 years in the fashion industry, working with the top brands and retailers in the world. Contempo’s vision is for your cannabis brand to be packaged just like the greatest brands in other industries. We work with dispensaries, manufacturers, and cultivators to create beautiful, eco-friendly, and child-resistant packaging that helps to remove the stigma around cannabis.

Whether you have a premium or a mass-market brand, Contempo has a fresh and professional packaging option for you. Our creative studio can design one-of-a-kind packaging for you, and our manufacturing and logistics arm can handle quality production and fast delivery.

Contempo’s product line for cannabis packaging includes boxes, jars, tubes, bottles, bags, and more! You explain the vision of your brand and we will do the rest. We know exactly what you need from a packaging perspective to build a great brand, and promise to make the process of getting exceptional cannabis packaging as simple as possible for you.

You can learn more by visiting or by watching our YouTube channel ‘The Cannabis Packaging Show’ now at

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