Cannabusiness Brokerage

cannabusiness brokerage



We provide consulting services that answer your questions and advise you on buying and selling your canna-business. With extensive experience in the Pacific Northwest cannabis industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you through many aspects of the process, from valuation through closing.


For sellers:

Just as the cannabis industry is unique, so are our services. When you become our client, we walk you through the process. We pre-screening all applicants and make sure matches are highly compatible. Our services are comprehensive and we help in:

·  Preparation

·  Valuation

·  Marketing

·  Buyer Selection

·  Preliminary Negotiations

·  Final Negotiations

·  Closing

·  Transition

For buyers:

Whether you are a company looking to expand in the cannabis industry or an individual looking to enter it, we are the perfect broker for you.  We work hard on behalf of our clients to find them the perfect match and move them through the closing process.

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