C.C. Security Solutions

cannabis compliant security solutions
CCSS has a deeply rooted background in Law Enforcement and compliance.  We understand what is required of you and can help get you there quickly and seamlessly. We can design and implement a security solution for your business that works and does not take away from your true passions.
What sets us apart from others is our ability to be by your side through the entire permitting and “sign off” period. Our work isn’t done until Law Enforcement gives you the “all clear” and we will make sure that is done as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Chris began his career in law enforcement with the Oakland Police Department. After several years working patrol in East Oakland, Chris was transferred to a specialized unit tasked with curbing violent crime in Oakland’s most dangerous neighborhoods.  He spent a considerable amount of time working undercover around admitted burglars and robbers.  Chris completed Security Audit and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) training, but his differentiating experience and expertise was gained through the teachings from admitted offenders.
Chris specializes in conducting Security Assessments, designing and implementing full Security Plans and can identify ways that your business or personnel may be at risk.  What separates Chris from an alarm/CCTV company is his ability to identify not only physical security risk, but also procedural security risks and addresses these risks with recommendations and training.  His vast experience within Law Enforcement can also help clients with regulation and compliance issues that a business may have with respect to security, authoring security plans, camera mapping, internal loss prevention, creating standard operating procedures, fractional security management and helping clients through the permitting process.