Cannabis software for growers, by growers.

Broadleaf is a software package that helps growers maximize their resources and spend less time managing the day-to-day activities related to the grow. We reduce compliance risk by automating tasks that are manual today and putting safeguards in place to prevent violations. Our software gives growers the ability to test new recipes and compare results to reduce costs, improve quality and increase yields.


What does it do?

  • Allows for scheduling of crops and rooms to maximize use of the facility
  • Tracks every task for the cultivation process
  • Gives front-line workers an app on their phone so they know exactly what they need to do and when
  • Allows grower to create multiple “Recipes” with different grow cycles lengths, different tasks, different watering schedules, etc.

Now offering:

  • Recipe Management
  • Grow Task Management
  • Crop scheduling
  • License tracking
  • Room scheduling
  • Front-line worker app
  • Compliance event tracking (replace paper logs)


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