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BIO 520™ is proven to shield plants from the uptake of chemical residues accumulated in soils after decades of contamination by synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. The ability to effectively barrier against the uptake of these contaminants has been tested at a leading Food Safety Laboratory using post-harvest samples from more than 20 different crops. BIO 520™ is designed to improve the performance of plants. Our unique blend of mineral ingredients make a harmless, inorganic liquid concentrate. Simply add Bio 520™ at a dosage of 1:1,000 into irrigation water along with a normal regimen of nutrients. No other changes to the cultivation process are required.
Proven results include: faster seed germination, faster clone development, faster seedling growth, accelerated vegetative grow, larger, denser and more numerous buds, greater yield and a high quality, consumer-safe contaminant free harvested product.
Increased yields by weight for cannabis have exceeded 50%. Other results include:
•Cherry tomatoes (6,000 fruits per area of growth to 26,000 fruits).
•Carrots grown for juice increased yield by 600%.
•Peppers, onions, garlic, rice, radishes, potatoes and multiple fruits.