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Beneficial Biologics


Beneficial Biologics was founded in early 2010 on the principles that Mother Nature established long ago. Our focus is on educating professional farmers and hobby gardeners about soil biology and how to utilize nature’s own systems to achieve maximum results. First and foremost we are here to educate people in low-impact, low-input, and high-yield farming.

We started this business as a natural alternative to expensive fertilizers and hyped up additives that don’t live up to their costs or claims. We focus on products that either directly inoculate your soil with beneficial microbes, or that support the existing soil food-web and encourage microbial diversity. We offer valuable products that deliver visible results at a fair price.

There is no waste in nature, and our approach to life reflects this fact. Closing the loop and encouraging local sustainability is a passion of ours! And with that…

We envision: a world where urban homesteads grow food on rooftops with their greywater and rain catchment systems; a world where farmers are heralded as the dignitaries of our age; a world where people buy local produce, honey and meats or trade for them with their own produce, craft and skilled services; a world where the science of waste management is a gold-mine of raw materials for industry and commerce. We envision an efficient, abundant and joyous world.

Thank you for visiting our site and helping us to realize the world we envision.

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