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Allstate Garden Supply


Allstate Garden Supply, Inc. was established in July 2009 in the city of Chino, California. Ever since opening our doors, consistent delivery of high quality products and exceptional customer service coupled with flexible distribution programs are our top priority and ongoing mission. We take pride in keeping all customers satisfied including but not limited to commercial greenhouses, master growers as well as hydroponic retailers in today’s horticulture landscape.  Apart from our flagship brand of Plantmax®, we also provide high quality grow systems and horticulture lighting products from a wide range of other brands including Jungle™DigiLamp®EnergyStation®, and UltraGrow®.

Please visit a retail location close to you. For more information on our wide range of products, please view our current catalog. Our dedicated customer service experts are happy to assist with your questions and/or orders. Call us at 855-826-5168 or email customer service for any order related questions or to request a purchase order. We look forward to doing business with you.

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