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What is it that makes aGROair equipment the best for horticulture?

First and foremost are the electric motors used. Typical fans (even some that are supposed to be industrial) use open motors. This means that there are holes in the motor enclosure that allow air into / out of the motor to provide cooling. And this cooling air brings moisture and material into an open motor which destroys it.

aGROair selects equipment that has totally enclosed motors at a minimum. Since air does not readily enter these motors they do not have the problems of open motors. And in most of its offerings, aGROair provides Wash Down Duty motors that are specifically designed for high humidity. You can even hose them down! This solves the problem when an attack of some nasty pest means that you need to sterilize the grow environment including the equipment.

“Pay me now or pay me later” – this old expression remains true for air moving equipment in a grow environment! Yes, it is easy to find less expensive air circulators and exhaust fans. However, the savings that you get today may evaporate when you have to replace the unit – sometimes in a very short period of time. Keep in mind the cost of the time it took to find and purchase the equipment. Time it took to install the equipment. And last but not least, inbound freight to get the equipment to your facility. This all adds to the actual cost (often these items exceed the “cost” of the equipment). aGROair actually offers equipment with a 10-year warranty which insures that your investment will be the right choice in the long run.

aGROair selects equipment that has been industry tested for years with thousands of units being used daily.

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