Rapid change in all areas of the Cannabis Industry is creating new possibilities for entrepreneurs and companies that can recognize opportunities, innovate, and evolve strategies quickly. The CannaCon Educational Pathway Seminars can help you drive success for you and your company through a more nuanced understanding of today’s most important issues.

The seminars are designed to meet the specific needs of producers, processors, retailers and consumers all who have varying levels of experience.

In CannaCon’s Educational Pathway Seminars, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of cannabis and the cannabis industry by developing skills, evaluating current trends and learning retail solutions through panel discussions and expert-led seminars.

What is an Educational Pathway? An Educational Pathway refers to the specific courses, academic programs, and learning experiences that individuals complete as they progress in their education along different paths.

CannaCon offers three distinct pathways for you to travel.

Our GROW PATH offers education in the growing and cultivation of the whole cannabis plant.

Our INDUSTRY PATH offers education in development of your cannabusiness.

Our SCIENCE PATH offers education in the science of cannabis and cannabis extraction.

All of our seminars are led by respected experts in the cannabis industry.


CannaCon Seattle 2016 will also include an all day Budtending Certification with Jerry Whiting of LeBlanc CNE.

Jerry Whiting, founder of LeBlanc CNE, has a background in acupuncture, software and cannabis. LeBlanc specializes in CBD-rich cannabis as well as vintage heirloom strains. Jerry teaches and speaks frequently, writes software for the cannabis community, and does new product development for Green Lion. Jerry is also a guest columnist for Marijuana Venture magazine. Jerry was a judge at the Terpestival and has spoken at Seattle Hempfest on several occasions.


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