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Cat Cora

World Renowned Chef Cat Cora

Cat Cora is a world-renowned chef, best-selling author, restaurateur, contributing editor, television host and personality, avid philanthropist, health and fitness expert, lifestyle entrepreneur and proud mother of six. 
Cat is best known for her role as the first female Iron Chef on Food Network’s Iron Chef America. Since then, she has also been the first female inducted into the American Academy of Chefs Culinary Hall of Fame and founded her own non-profit charitable organization, Chefs for Humanity. Cat is also the author of 3 best-selling cookbooks, Cat Cora’s Kitchen, Cat Cora’s Cooking From the Hip, and Cat Cora’s Classics with a Twist, as well as her memoir, Cooking As Fast As I Can. 
Cat has opened more than 18 restaurants across the U.S. and globally, including Ocean by Cat Cora, an award-winning restaurant in Singapore, Cat Cora’s Kitchen, Cat Cora’s Taproom, and Cat Cora’s Gourmet Market with HBF, located in numerous airport locations throughout the U.S., Kouzzina by Cat Cora at Disney World, CCQ at Macy’s, as well as Mesa Burger which can be found in Santa Barbara and expanding to two more locations in Montecito and Paso Robles, California. Cat’s most recent restaurant, Wicked Eats by Cat Cora opened the Fall of 2017 in Brooklyn, NY and is the latest collaboration with her partner, Aramark, with whom she also opened Olilo by Cat Cora.  
 Aside from earning her degree in Culinary Arts and training in two three-Michelin starred restaurants in France, Cat also earned her degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. Cat’s platform focuses on flexible and universal health and wellness, helping communities and individuals find balance. 
Cat’s concepts are ever evolving with seasonality, sustainability, and current food and lifestyle trends in mind. 
Cat is continuously breaking glass ceilings in the industry with her award-winning restaurants and achievements. 

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