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Pete Okrasa, Founder & CEO, United CBD Fund

Pete Okrasa is CEO and Founder of United CBD Fund with 10 years of experience sourcing, negotiating, structuring, and financing investment opportunities in oil and gas, commercial real estate, and private equity. He owns and manages his life insurance practice in Connecticut and Massachusetts and is co-owner in a business brokerage in New York. Pete has also spent 4 years advising outbound investors in China and Hong Kong. Before that he was a commercial real estate asset manager for a $100+ million family office.
Pete’s own family has been successfully growing tobacco for several decades and is newly licensed to grow hemp. They own many acres of land, as well as interests in retail plazas, gas stations, etc.
Through his life insurance/estate planning practice, business in New York, overseas consulting, and asset management work, Pete has helped many high-net worth investors achieve their mandates.

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