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Grady Emmons, Owner/Director, Marijuana Security Operations

Grady Emmons has spent his 25-yr career actively involved in protective services and investigations. His experience covers several areas of private sector security, law enforcement, and investigations for the federal government.

Upon graduation from SVSU with his Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, he already had over 10 years of experience in protective services. He then pursued a Master of Science in Law Enforcement Intelligence & Analysis from Michigan State University, graduating in 2010. He has continued to expand his security credentials, graduating in 2008 from the nation’s top private executive protection school; Executive Security International (ESI). Mr. Emmons has also been awarded the prestigious Certified Protection Professional (CPP) credential from the American Society for Industrial Security, becoming board certified in security management.

Grady has put all his training into action over the course of his career, taking on missions and coordinating security and investigative operations across the United States and overseas. Executive protection, investigations, intelligence gathering, surveillance, workplace violence preventions, hostile employee terminations, labor dispute/strike security, secure transport, and numerous armed and unarmed physical security assignments are among the many operations he has managed. Among his many achievements, Grady prizes his work with humanitarian organizations. His career highlights include leading a team of security and emergency medical specialists into Haiti, immediately following the 2010 earthquake that destroyed much of the country. A U.S. based orphanage had lost contact with its facility in the country and Grady’s team was charged with reestablishing contact and rendering aid in any way possible.