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Dr. Jade Stefano; Co-Founder and CEO, Puffin Farm

Dr. Jade Stefano is Co-Founder and CEO at Puffin Farm, a WA State sungrown and Clean Green Certified cannabis producer and processor licensed since 2014. Puffin farm cultivates 30,000 Ft2 of cannabis per year in natural living soil using only organic amendments. Puffin has been restoring the soil on their farm over the last 5 years, regenerating it from a low organic matter hay field into rich living soil productive cannabis farm. Jade is on the Board of Directors of the Washington Sungrowers Industry Association, a non-profit that advocates and lobbies for sungrown cannabis farmer’s interests in WA state. She holds an undergraduate degree in Biology from Reed College and is a WA state licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. At Puffin Farm, Jade oversees operations, product development and co-manages crop production with her husband Benjamin Short. She has been a cultivator for over 20 years. Puffin Farm creates award winning Clean Green Certified sungrown flower and concentrates.

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