Winning in Cannabis

August 16, 2024 | 3:00 pm | Room 1 | Business / Legal

Minnesota based Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control technology is distributed in 110 countries. As Director of Strategic Relationships at Boveda Drew Emmer has been involved in building relationships with all three of Boveda’s vertical businesses: Premium Cigars, Musical Instruments and Cannabis. Precise consistent humidity control is fundamental to preserving the ideal consumption experience. Having attended over 100 trade shows and regulatory conferences Drew’s perspective on Winning In Cannabis revolves around a theme that may surprise you.

Winning In Cannabis boils down to understanding a few simple ideas. If your philosophy does not mirror the ethic of the plant it’s likely whatever success you enjoy will be short-lived. Industry stakeholders follow a variety of philosophies when it comes to their practices. Governments always manage to extract their tribute, but their practices rarely support the growth and expansion of the cannabis industry. Driven by the principle of protecting public safety regulators tend to err on the side of less freedom and less innovation. Growers almost exclusively come from a place of sincere altruism about the plant. Cannabis “culture” has a long way to go in winning the hearts and minds of the populations that have enthusiastically accepted and promoted normalization of cannabis. Consumers by and large are uninformed and therefore untapped resource in the marketplace.
Robust education about the values the plant brings to the party are critical to expand the customer base for a sustainable industry. There is tremendous room for growth.

Drew Emmer, Director Strategic Relationships, Boveda Inc.

Attitudinal Adventurer. Miner of magnificence in others. Smitten with the discovery and recognition of greatness in those placed in my path. Committed to creating connection and sharing positivity generously across diverse communities. Tasked with carrying forward Boveda’s mission of maximizing people’s passions. Solutions for precise 2-way humidity control in premium tobacco, cannabis and musical instruments. Freshness evangelist. Career of sales and marketing experience in technology, healthcare safety and music industries. Lover of all things nature, sport and spirit. Believer, writer, speaker, teacher, mentor and friend.