Utilizing Microbes with Precision to Enhance Cannabis Productivity

April 19, 2019 | 11:40 am | Room 1 | Cultivation

Plants have co-evolved with soil microbes over hundreds of millions of years. In nature, the plants interact with tens of thousands of soil microbial species throughout the plant growth stages. Soil microbes benefit plants by facilitating important nutrient cycling activities as well as many other important functions that support plant health and ultimately maximize plant productivity. However, in real world cultivation practices, it is almost impossible for growers to provide their plants with the same microbial functional diversity found in nature. Through real world case studies, Colin will illuminate the return on investment that can occur when cultivators learn how to use microbes with precision to maximize their plant health and yields.


Colin Bell, PhD, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, Mammoth Microbes

Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of Mammoth Microbes. Colin left his academic position at Colorado State University in 2015 to launch the company, which produces organic microbial biostimulants and all-natural biocontrol products for cultivators.

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