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The Secrets of Solventless Extraction

July 28, 2020 | 10:00 am | Conference Room B | Extraction

The Secrets of Solventless Extraction: A Seminar on How to Leverage Premium Rosins and Hashes for Your Business. This seminar will focus on teaching attendees the ins and outs of the premium infused products and concentrates space, specifically on solventless products, which command the highest price points of all concentrates across the board. In delivering actionable insights, this seminar aims to educate about how solventless rosins, hashes, and their various sub products can be used to win over influencers as well as create brand presence for connoisseurs. It will cover how solventless extracts are made, what kinds of products can be made from them, how to orient your business to be profitable with them, and will offer real world examples of new opportunities for businesses to take advantage of.

Eric Vlosky

Eric Vlosky; Director of Marketing; PurePressure

Eric Vlosky serves as the Director of Marketing at PurePressure, the world’s #1 solventless processing equipment manufacturer and provider. Additionally, Eric serves as Pure Cannalabs’ Marketing and Branding Strategist. Eric has been doing marketing, sales, and account management in the cannabis industry for over 6 years. As a bonafide expert in the cannabis extraction and processing space, Eric has hands on experience and relationships with some of the biggest processing operations across North America, and beyond. He speaks frequently and is often a part of seminars on cannabis processing, specifically pertaining to solventless extraction, which covers rosin, sift, and ice water hash. Eric got his B.S. of Strategic Advertising from CU Boulder’s prestigious program in 2012 and has had a life long passion for cannabis.

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