The Beauty of Blends for Medical Cannabis

March 31, 2022 | 10:00 am | Room 1 | Processing

CBD – the Healing Side of Cannabis
The Entourage Effect
Finding the right dosage
Difference Makers (why blends work)

To educate attendees on the medical benefits of CBD/THC blends for managing a multitude of medical issues including PTSD, chronic anxiety, and pain.

Nathan Richter, President/CEO, Nature’s Key

Nathan Richter started his career as a geneticist for the University of Oklahoma. He joined the Oklahoma National Guard (Army) as a senior in college and deployed to Afghanistan in 2003. Upon his return, he enrolled in the Oklahoma City University School of Law but even though he graduated Cum Laude, he struggled to assimilate to civilian society due to suffering from PTSD. He eventually discovered the benefits of cannabis to help elevate his stress as well as enhancing his sleep. Nathan practiced law for several years, and when medical cannabis became legal in Oklahoma, he set out on a mission to help others find their way back to health and wellness through the use of Medical Cannabis. He founded Nature’s Key in 2017.