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Suits & Scientists: Professional Perspectives on Scaling Cannabis Companies

May 28, 2021 | 4:00 pm | 301 | Processing

Scaling a company involves many decisions that require the knowledge, wisdom, and input from multiple professionals. While most industries have access to many professionals with decades of experience in their markets, the nature of our young Oklahoma market does not provide such readily available experience in our industry. However, there are many concepts, principles, and best practices from other industries that can apply to scaling a company in Oklahoma cannabis.

This educational class will present two unique perspectives from professionals experienced in a range of industries outside of cannabis, generally covering problems of maintaining quality while increasing quantity of production. Real world stories are shared by a business executive with experience as an attorney in merger and acquisitions, sharing both successes and failures outside the cannabis industry. A biochemist shares practical problems and solutions in quality processes, both inside and outside of cannabis.

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Caleb McCoy, General Manager, Golden Trends

Caleb McCoy brings 9 years of experience in business development in national manufacturing and construction service markets. Originally a corporate attorney in Oklahoma City, Caleb has found success in both start up and turnaround business strategies

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