Seed-to-Sale Sustainability in Cannabis

September 25, 2022 | 11:45 am | Room 1 | Processing

In this exclusive CannaCon information packed seminar discussion on sustainability in cannabis, industry experts from cultivation, packaging, and extraction will analyze what environmental challenges the industry faces today from seed to sale and most importantly what businesses can do to reduce their impact while maintaining profitability. This seminar features all local Colorado company industry professionals but covers a national perspective within their individual areas of expertise. Speakers include Matt Broxterman of Boulder Creek Technologies, Ron Basak-Smith of Sana Packaging, and Jake Mitchell of Resource Innovations.

Matt Broxterman, Senior Sales Executive, Boulder Creek Technologies

A veteran sales professional with years of marketing experience honed educating clients on the technical aspects of critical industrial equipment, Matt Broxterman is responsible for driving overall business growth through strong sales at Boulder Creek Technologies. He has a proven record of bringing traditional products into the non-traditional cannabis sector, and he is directly responsible for introducing industrial utilities from traditional markets in the cannabis extraction market. Matt relishes expanding the sales team, teaching customers about Vapor-Static™ extraction, and working with his clients to determine appropriate standards and proper scalability. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, he now lives in Evergreen, Colorado, where he enjoys skiing, mountain biking and spending time with his family.

Jake Mitchel, Program Manager at Resource Innovations

Rocco Iannapollo, Chief Brand Officer at Rocky Mountain Reagents

Rocco Iannapollo worked in the Oil and Gas Industry for nearly 30 years, beginning in IT and progressing through Project Management, Procurement/Supply Chain, HR, Real Estate & Facilities, Transportation/Logistics, and finally Drug & Alcohol Testing. Several years ago, he left corporate America and fulfilled a life-long passion and began working in the cannabis industry. After a couple of consulting gigs, he became the Chief Brand Officer at Cannabis Kitchen Supplies, in Boulder, CO in 2017. Since then, he has gained extensive knowledge and built strong relationships with cannabis industry leaders, and he readily shares these learnings and relationships with clients. Rocco is also one of the founding members of The CannaConsortium, a collection of vetted businesses aligned in support of the cannabis industry and its leaders, from plant to product. Utilizing his deep business acumen, particularly in supply chain and vendor management, Rocco has become a versatile advocate for client needs. In addition to optimizing client supply chains (using Total Cost of Ownership principles), he is well-positioned to help companies implement sustainable business practices and develop business strategies to improve performance and enhance resiliency.

Ron Basak-Smith, CEO of Sana Packaging