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Scaling Up With Automated Trimmers, While Not Sacrificing The Flower’s Integrity

May 28, 2021 | 11:30 am | 301 | Processing

Tom has spent much of his life growing therefore, he understands what growers are up against. When growers are thinking of scaling up but worried about quality and dollar value. He invented gentle trimming technology within budget to help. He invented the bladeless batch Tumbler to help growers achieve the same hand trimmed quality, faster. And was successful.

He listened to the needs of the growers and invented a continuous feed trimmer, that could be used by industrial growers to trim 1,200 Lb per HOUR! The same gentle process resulting in hand trimmed quality.

Tom listens… and acts on the needs of growers.

2021 he will launch 3 new inventions which will revolutionize the bucking process. Another invention helps growers get more return on their trim and kief.

Tom is a man of action and I believe his down to earth, authentic nature will resonate with the audience and help.

tom bruggemann

Tom Bruggemann, CEO, Tom’s Tumbler

Tom Bruggemann is the inventor and President of Tom’s Tumblers. Tom, a former Hollywood stuntman and grower invented Tom’s Tumbler in 2013 to cut down on the cost and hassle of hand trimming. He developed a bladeless, mesh netted tumbler that worked fast while preserving trichomes. Six years later, Tom has sold over 7,000 machines and now produces eight different sizes of Tumblers including the Python series.

Tom continues to invent technology that helps save growers time and money. He is about to release three new machines, including a Biomass Refinement System, a Whole Plant Bucker and a wet-trimming kit for the Python Series.

Tom’s partner and COO, Leslie Clarke, started TTT Innovations with Tom and has played a critical role in its success and growth. Leslie, a former Professor of Health Policy and organizational consultant to corporations and nonprofits, is now dedicated to supporting an outstanding team of staff, sales representatives and consultants around the country.
Tom’s Tumblers and Pythons are made in Los Angeles. Customers are welcome to visit the showroom and to talk to Tom about all aspects of growing and processing.Tom is available by phone 7 days a week.

Tom and Leslie pride themselves on producing excellent products at reasonable cost and providing outstanding customer service. Tom’s Tumblers have been described as “the “farm savers.” The bladeless technology preserves not only your flower, but also your profits.

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