QualityPreserving Potency: Actionable Insights for Optimizing Cannabis Post-Harvest

August 16, 2024 | 11:00 am | Room 1 | Cultivation

Join Jack Grover, Founder & CEO of Grove Bags, for a session where he dives into the intricacies of post-harvest quality optimization. With a focus on maintaining an ideal environment during the processing and storing of medical flower, Jack will provide actionable insights supported by a blend of plant and material science. Discover the significance of preserving cannabis at its peak quality and gain practical knowledge on implementing and executing best practices. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a visionary leader who has propelled Grove Bags to global recognition through innovative packaging solutions and groundbreaking TerpLoc technology that is actively championed by cannabis cultivators all over the globe.

Jack Grover, CEO, Grove Bags

Jack Grover is the founder and CEO of Grove Bags, a provider of cannabis packaging specifically tailored for the unique physiology of the plant to create the perfect climate for cannabis preservation. After graduating from Babson College, Jack was inspired by his brother Charlie’s battle with cerebral palsy to enter the cannabis industry and create packaging that preserves the plant at its highest quality. Fast forward from March 2016, the company, Grove Bags, continues its commitment to manufacturing its packaging solutions in the United States for the global cannabis market, and has gained industry-wide praise for its proprietary TerpLoc technology.

Jack has been a featured speaker at numerous cannabis conferences all over the world where audiences gather to hear his insights on material science and plant biology. While serving as CEO, Jack has helped steer the business year in and year out with tremendous growth while the products become a household name in the industry having packaged millions of pounds of product and are present in nearly every cannabis market globally.