Pheno Hunt: How to bag the big one

July 22, 2022 | 10:15 am | Room 2 | Cultivation, Science / Genetics

In the outdoor season of 2021, Chip Baker conducted a full season pheno hunt with hundreds of seeds. The presentation highlights the pheno hunt process from start to finish; from planting the seeds to choosing the winning phenotype after harvest. Chip will share his techniques for pheno hunting, common issues, and how tedious the whole process can be when looking for that one winner.

Chip Baker, Founder, Cultivate

Chip has an innate horticultural knowledge that fostered his ideas about developing ancillary businesses to support the new booming industry. With 30 years in the industry Chip has become a leader in business development, composting, soil development and cultivation technology applications, and has advised people all over the world about cannabis. Expert in Consistency and quality control; plant and phenotype identification; breeding programs; cross-contamination procedures; commercial cloning; scheduling; commercial and large-scale harvesting, drying, curing and packaging; environmental systems; grow room design; custom fabrication; development of Standard Operating Procedures; cash flow protocols; safety protocols; business plans; outdoor/indoor greenhouse and light deprivation techniques.