Multiphase CO2 Extraction: An award winning method

  February 2, 2019 |  3:50 pm

Path in Processing Room 3

Multiphase CO2 extraction (MPE) is an award winning processing method for manufacturing high-quality, Full-Spectrum Extracts (FSE) w/ minimal “Chemovar drift”.
The technique utilizes both Sub and Supercritical CO2 to preserve the native chemovar.


Randy Reed is a best in class manufacture in WA state. Winner for “Best Liquid Edible” in the 2017 & 2018 WA Dope Cup, “Best THC cartridge” in the 2018 WA Sun Cup, “Best THC Oil”, “Best CBD Live Resin”, “Most Potent CBD Live resin” 2018 WA Dope Cup.

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