Mold Prevention and Remediation within the Cannabis Industry

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Mold is an ever-present obstacle in the cannabis industry. An outbreak at any point in the process could result in an entire crop being lost. The monetary and time ramifications are so extreme that it could place an entire facility in great harm. In order to prevent these issues from occurring, there are various methods that could take place that are innovative and effective. With years of experience on decontamination and disinfection, Emily Lorcheim is able to enlighten the audience on precautionary methods to prevent mold and mildew from seeds to the final product, and everything in between.  Methods discussed will include chlorine dioxide gas, liquids, as well as ultraviolet light.

This presentation serves to provide growers, as well as everyone in the industry and looking to get into the industry, an explanation of how mold can originate on cannabis and how to mitigate its destruction.  Also, it is important to also discuss how testing of cannabis is done within the lab and ways of remediation if you do have a failed batch.  The methods discussed will help provide a safer product, save crops that may have had to be destroyed otherwise, and ultimately generate more profit.


Emily Lorcheim, Brand Manager, ClorDiSys Solutions Inc.

Emily Lorcheim is a graduate from Rutgers Business School, and further gained a Masters of Business Administration Degree from Texas A&M.  Emily has a rich history with ClorDiSys in both the business, operations, and technical aspects.  The company focuses on methods of disinfection and sterilization in a variety of industries and settings across the globe.   Emily has been the leader within the organization in the research regarding the cannabis industry and has conducted several studies in concerning mold prevention and remediation.