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Medical Cannabis 101 – What clinicians and patients need to know

November 19, 2021 | 2:00 pm | 4D | Science / Genetics

Cannabis (A.K.A. Indian Hemp, Gunjah, “Marijuana”, Bhang, Hashish, Industrial Hemp) is an ancient plant that has a 5000+ year history of cultivation and multipurpose use. From Fibers to oils to medicines, human being have been utilizing this versatile plant for millennia. In terms of medical application in the US, extracts of Cannabis have been listed in the US Pharmacopeia from 1851 until 1942. Numerous factors from political to financial caused Cannabis to fall out of favor, to become banned and criminalized by the US Government in 1937, and to be listed as a Schedule I substance in 1970. In recent decades, there has been a renaissance of increased awareness and research of the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. At the same time, prohibitionist laws have been relaxed in numerous US states, allowing for the medical use (and in some cases nonmedical adult/”recreational” use) of Cannabis. However, Nursing education as it relates to Cannabis, has not kept up with the newly passed medical Cannabis laws in different states. Hence the need for nationwide Nursing education. The purpose of the lecture is to provide some basic knowledge of the clinical and therapeutic application of various Cannabis derivatives to different diseases. Hopefully, this serves as a springboard to encourage Nurses to engage in further research and study, thereby enhancing his/her knowledge base. The end result is expanded patient options and improved patient outcomes.

Michael J. McKenzie, MD, PA

My name is Dr. Michael McKenzie. I am a Board Certified Family Physician in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

In addition to Family Medicine and primary care, I also have a special interest in the medical applications of Cannabis and Cannabis therapeutics. In Florida, there has been a medical cannabis program since 2015. I was one of the first docs to take the certification course back then. The program in Florida was significantly expanded with the passage of Amendment 2 in November, 2016.

In addition to my primary care practice, I evaluate patients of all ages for medical cannabis and have treated quite a few patients with cannabinoids (usually in the form of sublingual oil and other delivery methods).

I have given a comprehensive lecture on medical cannabis at the statewide, Regional, and national medical meetings in Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and Nevada.

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