Live Podcast Interview With Rapper and Cannabis Entrepreneur Berner

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Berner, Rapper & Cannabis Entrepreneur

Berner’s story is one that truly embodies every aspect of the phrase “grassroots.” While Berner worked on releasing 30 albums on his own indie label Bern One Entertainment (since 2007), he noticed that no one made cool clothes for larger people and decided to do something about it. He created Cookies Clothing, starting with limited quantities online from his house. It is now sold in retail outlets worldwide, with a storefront location in heart of San Francisco’s famous Haight street. It has expanded it’s product line to include cut and sew outerwear and innovative smoking accessories such as odorless laptop bags, trays, jars and more . In 2014, Berner launched a new brand of organic herbal beverages called Hemp20, which went from selling 200k bottles to 500k bottles a month. On top of all that, Berner has joined some amazing companies such as Santa Cruz Shredder, G Pen, Kokonuggz, re:_Stash Jars, and Battleapp, rounding out his portfolio.