Little Known Tips on How to Create Your Next Breakthrough CBD Product!

January 10, 2020 | 4:20 pm | 316 | Marketing & Branding

Have you ever launched a product, and whenever you see it finally sitting on the shelf, you think to yourself “this isn’t actually what I wanted”? Don’t worry, you’re not alone — we can all relate to that less-than-rewarding feeling when your vision starts to blur, getting lost in miscommunication with co-packers. This is where George Hou comes in. Geoge Hou has experienced all aspects of manufacturing — from conception to branding, marketing, and packaging — and he understands what it takes to stay true to what YOU want, and how to communicate with the people you’ll be working with. Bottom line,George is here to help your create your next Breakthrough CBD product!

george hou

George Hou, Founder, Myco Sativa

With over two decades of experience in complementary medicine, George Hou’s journey started in 1998. It started by the founding of an alternative medicine company, that turned into the largest manufacturer of bio-magnetics in the USA. George is also a seasoned marketing professional, who has garnered significant success within the Direct Sales Industry. George’s latest endeavor is Myco Sativa. This premium brand combines the 2 fastest growing trends in nutrition today- CBD and medicinal mushrooms. With insights gained from his dual cGMP certified manufacturing company, Ingenuity Beverages, George aims to create a unique nutritional experience the marketplace has not yet seen.