LED Spectrum and Control as Key Ingredients for Healthy Plant Growth

July 22, 2022 | 12:45 pm | Room 1 | Cultivation

What we will seek to offer is perspective on how to navigate the complexity of LED as a light source and more broadly lighting technology emerging today. The challenges facing those growing plants in doors is a challenge that offers significant advantage to those who understand what matters most. One question often asked is Why plants respond to light spectrum in different and even confusing ways, we will seek to provide insights to help you make more informed decisions. We will seek to provide you with information to help you answer How you can optimize your specific growing environment with the use of light spectrum. The Results of our presentation will help you better understand plants response to spectrum including but not limited to blue, red, green, white, white full spectrum, UVB and UVC and the opportunity to target specific horticultural emphasis LED’s to the customization of your facility and method of growing.

Michael Thomas, Director of Sales, Abundant Lighting LLC, URBARN

Michael Thomas is an innovation and thought leader in the areas of LED lighting technology, thermo-dynamics and power management. Michael has over 15 years of business strategy, product development and technology mapping within the commercial and horticultural lighting industry. Michael is a US Army veteran, holds a BS from Michigan State University and an MBA from The University of Georgia. Michael is founder of Thomas Technologies based in Detroit Michigan and the Director of Sales for Abundant Lighting, LLC and the URBARN brand of Horticultural lighting and tools to grow with based in Grand Rapids Michigan. Michael’s corporate experience includes a variety of industry positions including Stanley Electric, Samsung Electronics, Panasonic Group, Osram Opto Semiconductor and Jaro Thermo.