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Innovative Solventless Solution

August 6, 2021 | 10:00 am | 33 | Processing

The world of extraction went from volatile to non-volatile by the demand of the end consumer. The purity and true value of using natural resources to extract resin such as ice, water, heat, and pressure is of the upmost value of an honest extraction. Access Rosin found this concept being the foundation in which a company is able to build trust with end consumer, especially organic producers.

Access Rosin evaluated the process and found streamlining problems that can be solved with innovation, and we went to work. The past four (4) years has been a long journey of research and development with trial and error to discovery a solutions for these problems. We found a huge bottle neck in systems such as ice water, and rosin press systems due to the fact of personal / connoisseur systems are not meant for scaleable production. The scalable factor for Solventless (mechanical separation) was the largest problem, and innovation become the solution.

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Spencer Sitnik, CEO/Founder, Access Rosin

The founder of The Rosin Machine, which is utility patent for a rosin press system. CEO / Founder of Access Rosin Inc., a company specializing in scaleable mechanical separation extraction equipment.

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