Hemp: What’s All the Talk About?

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Jerry Whiting aims to give people an in depth update on industrial hemp from a cultivation, processing, and business model perspective. He will explain why the 2019 harvest is a messy, chaotic semi-victory.

What’s next now that CBD is mainstream? Let’s not forget hemp for food, fiber, and fuel. How does hempcrete fit into all of this?

Jerry will answers these questions and more during this seminar.

jerry whiting

Jerry Whiting, Owner, LeBlanc CNE, Inc.

Jerry Whiting is the President & Co-founder of LeBlanc CNE, Inc. He is a monthly columnist on hemp for NW Leaf. Jerry has been a speaker and panelist at several major events such as CannaCon, Hempfest, Bellingham Budfest, and Hemp & Health Expo (Pasco). He’s also been a guest on the CannaCon podcast and hosts The LeBlanc CNE Podcast.