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Getting the Most Money for Your Extracts: Refining and Purifying Your Final Products.

July 28, 2018 | 12:10 pm | Room 102 | Extraction

Learn how to make the most of your extract and command top dollar for your product.  Find out what people are doing to clean up their extracts.  From old school methods to modern technology, find out what you can do to make any product imaginable.

Ezra Pryor

Ezra Pryor; Applied Markets Specialist, Heidolph North America

Ezra Pryor is a trained chemist who has been serving the cannabis industry for more than 5 years.  In his first capacity he ran a consulting company assisting extraction operations.  Then he founded the American Chemical Society’s Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision for which he currently serves as Past-Chair.  Most recently he was hired by Heidolph North America as an Applied Markets Specialist.

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