Electrostatic Sprayers: See the Benefits vs. Traditional Spray Techniques and how Growers can Increase Spray Accuracy and Coverage

March 31, 2022 | 11:30 am | Room 2 | Cultivation

Many growers experience the same problems when spraying plants. See why electrostatic sprayers can help solve these issues and provide time + cost savings, easier method of application and full coverage – even on the underside of plants.

Matthew Firks, VP of Sales, Victory Innovations

Matthew has deep B2B and consumer experience with stops at DeWALT Power Tools, OtterBox mobile phone cases and Google Nest. He’s led high performing teams, grown customer revenues by 10X and created new business verticals where there is tremendous opportunity. At Victory Innovations, he is leading the Cultivation strategy, showing value to retail, distribution and growers on the benefits that Electrostatic Sprayers have over conventional sprayers. In most cases, growers are experiencing some or all of the following spraying issues; uneven coverage, wasted time, cumbersome or unsafe cords, inconsistencies in the spray and damage to young plants.