Cutting Through the Smoke: Decoding the Challenges of Marketing in Cannabis

  February 1, 2019 |  2:40 pm

Marketing & Branding Path in Room 3

Comprehensive overview of traditional marketing channels, the corresponding unique challenges and pitfalls that ancillary services, cannabis brands and retail operations face in the industry. Covering industry specific hurdles, banned mediums, differentiated customer purchasing patterns and the impacts of legislative apprehension across the board. Further delving into industry proven marketing and advertising channels, effective mediums, messaging strategies and media placement work arounds.

The modern marketer must be a scientist; even in traditional industries, today’s marketer touches every aspect of business operations from customer service, to sales, to web development and beyond.  Few have the discipline, organizational prowess or genuine intellect to execute a multifaceted marketing strategy like Azia Weisz, Marketing Director at Green Rush Packaging.  Green Rush…

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