Cultivation – The Foundation

May 19, 2023 | 3:00 pm | Room 1 | Cultivation

  • Facility design/infrastructure (Greenhouse/Indoor)
  • What kind of company do you want to be?
    • Craft
    • Affordable
    • Biomass
  • Selecting a facility type based of intended final product/brand strategy.
    • Greenhouse or Indoor
  • Greenhouse type – Selecting based of location (hardiness zone)
    • Hoop House
    • Polycarbonate
    • Glass
    • Screen
  • Indoor
    • Tilt Wall, Flat roof – Pros/Cons, Cost
    • Insulated Metal Building – Pros/Cons, cost
    • Existing infrastructure
    • Limitation and trouble shooting
  • Selecting and Architectural and Engineering Firm and what to look for
  • Selecting a General Contractor Firm and what to look for
  • Infrastructure Selection – (where to spend and where to save)
  • Infrastructure selection (IMP/SIP panels vs dry wall; wood framing vs galvanized aluminum framing)
  • Lights, benches, irrigation, mechanical: selection philosophy
  • Production/Operational Flow Design
  • Incorporating BioSecurity into design
  • Production Layout Planning – flow/process, security, precautions
  • Redundancy and back power

Darrin Potter, Vice President, Cultivation Structures & Equipment

Raised in an agricultural community, surrounded by field crop as far the eye can see. An immense passion for science, agriculture, the environment and of course…cannabis. Beyond growing up in agriculture, an enthusiasm for nature was cultivated through my membership/leadership in the Boy Scout of America as an Eagle Scout. University of Central Florida grad with a degree in Biology with a focus on plant science. Cannabis industry leader with over 15 years’ experience in the regulated cannabis markets. Legacy grower prior to legal cannabis from 1997 – 2007. Over 22 awards in the space, ranging from cannabis cups to business leadership awards. Positions held have ranged from BOD, C-suite, VP, Director. Have been part of leadership teams, building companies that have sold ranging from 8-9 digits and have generated over $100M in annual revenue. Passionate about providing quality leadership and motivation to young up and coming cannabis industry leaders, developing strong team culture, building companies that last and create significant value. Honored to have held the positions I have and to have met the wonderful people who believe in the cannabis plant in the way that I do. I take the movement of cannabis very seriously as I have dedicated my life to providing the highest quality cannabis products to patients across the US and I’ve immensely enjoyed this journey. I have a strong focus in design build, IPM strategy and operational efficiency.