Cultivation In Massachusetts

February 2, 2019 | 10:00 am | Room 1 | Cultivation

Massachusetts represents a huge opportunity for the cannabis industry.  With a population of almost 7 million, it’s larger than Colorado, Oregon and Nevada.  Recreational and revised medical regulations were finalized this spring, but because of “home rule,” every one of the Commonwealth’s 351 cities and towns have different rules and regulations.  Kaily Hepburn, Esq. of Hepburn Law and New England Agriculture Technologies have developed a comprehensive approach to securing suitable locations and managing the compliance and licensing in Massachusetts and will walk you through the regulations, opportunities and challenges of this brand new market.  If you are a cultivator looking to expand into the east coast and want to capture an early entry position, this is a “must see” presentation.  Hosts include Kaily Hepburn, Esq. along with other members of the group’s real estate and greenhouse team.

Kaily Hepburn

Kaily Hepburn, Esq