Cultivation, Contamination & Testing

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Overview of emerging Oklahoma Cannabis market, including first-year errors and industry stresses. Attend this talk to gain better insight on common pitfalls which prevent processors from entering their products into the legal market. Inform processors on analytical testing implications of their cultivation & manufacturing choices. If you’re experiencing any difficulties with testing or would like to master problems before they arise, this talk is for you!


Lydia Abernethy, Steep Hill Oklahoma

As a Senior Science Advisor and former Director of Cultivation Science at Steep Hill, Ms. Abernethy navigates regulations and develops alliances between government agencies, laboratories, and Cannabis processors. Her knowledge and understanding of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and biocontrol systems assist clients in solving cultivation pitfalls and passing regulatory testing.

Prior to joining the Steep Hill team, Ms. Abernethy garnered experience as a plant researcher and scientist within FDA-regulated biopharmaceutical manufacturing, largescale agrichemical, and horticultural industries. As a Cultivation Technologies Specialist with urban-gro, LLC, she established IPM programs and vetted product solutions in Cannabis cultivation facilities nationwide. She previously served as a Research Horticulturist with Denver Botanic Gardens, managing the Tissue Culture Laboratory and Chatfield Farms Research Trial Garden. In collaboration with Colorado State University and Plant Select®, she developed micropropagation procedures for multiple plant genera, provided elite mother stock to production facilities, and promoted species designed to thrive in high plains and intermountain regions.