Creating a Thriving Rhizosphere

  February 1, 2019 |  1:30 pm

Cultivation Path in Room 1

This panel will explore how soil cultivators can increase yield, terpene profile and overall plant health by encouraging living soil microbe and fungal communities in their growing practices.

Dr. Jade Stefano is Co-Founder and CEO at Puffin Farm, a WA State sungrown and Clean Green Certified cannabis producer and processor licensed since 2014. Puffin farm cultivates 30,000 Ft2 of cannabis per year in natural living soil using only organic amendments. Puffin has been restoring the soil on their farm over the last 5…

Shango Los is a lifelong cannabis enthusiast, patient advocate and business strategist. He is founder of Shaping Fire and is host of the popular Shaping Fire podcast. Shango’s YouTube channel of exclusive cannabis presentations and technique videos serves over a half-million minutes a month.

Tad Hussey is the owner of Keep It Simple, Inc. which does business as KIS Organics ( and KIS Farm ( He received his BA from the University of Washington in 2000 and his Masters from Macquarie University in Australia in 2005.  His company’s mission is to help growers in working towards more sustainable and…

Co-founder, co-inventor and Chief Growth Officer at Mammoth Microbes. Colin completed his Ph.D. in Soil Microbial Ecology in 2009. As a Research Scientist at Colorado State University, Colin published dozens of peer reviewed publications that were focused on elucidating microbial mediated processes that enhance plant growth. Colin left his academic position at Colorado State University…

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